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Specializing in the restoration of Victorian and Edwardian geometric mosaic tiles, marble and stone mosaics from 2005 in London

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Victorian geometric mosaic floor tiles

new hallway tiled floor

Victorian hallway - tiling. Cement encaustic tiles. Chiswick, London

We can offer a complete installation service, from sub floor preparation to the installation of tile design of your choice. We have more than 20 years of professional working experience, working with mosaic ceramic, stone, marble tile designs and patterns, mosaic tile installation, stone, marble installation.

We specialize installing two types of tiles: Original style mosaic floor tiles - imperial dimensions. Or Olde English mosaic floor tiles - metric dimensions. We supply, cut and fit stone and marble, edgings, steps, thresholds, stone paving.

The satisfactory installation of Original style Victorian mosaic floor tiles depends on their application to a sound, flat surface and use of the correct adhesive for that surface.

We have a long list of previous commissions, including many Victorian geometric mosaic new tile installation projects.


original style pathway

Classic Victorian black and white path design. Stretham Hill, London. Original style mosaic tiles

outdoor mosaic tile

New front pathway - classic Victorian tiling (original design replica) SE London

Victorian mosaic tile designs and patterns

Victorian geometric mosaic tiles continue to combine outstanding visual appeal with durability, making them equally suitable for homes as well as hotels, restaurants, period renovation projects. Mosaic tiles come in variety of shapes and sizes and there are more than 25 colors available in most of the shapes.

There is a variety patterns to choose from. Every mosaic pattern can have different color combinations. Countless designs can be created. There is a variety patterns for the mosaic border. All patterns and borders can be supplied in any combination of the colors. If you decide to choose your own design.

Our aim is to replicate original Victorian tile design exactly as it was before, or to choose a very similar tile design.

New Original style or Winckelmans tiles are suitable for outdoor as well as indoors. Entrance halls, conservatories or garden pathways, front steps - it will look welcoming and elegant, will last for many years.


Sealing mosaics. Unglazed tile (except for porcelain tile) should be sealed. Cement based grout should be sealed where it might be stained, such as on a hallway or kitchen floor. You should also use a sealer to increase the water-resistance of cement-base grout where it will be exposed to water, such as on a shower and tub surrounds. If you are sealing both the tile and the grout, select the sealer compatible for both. You can choose between topical or penetrating sealers. Topical sealers can be used with all unglazed tile to protect the tile and provide a surface finish. Topical sealers need to be stripped and reapplied periodically. Penetrating sealers soak into the tile and protect it permanently they can be used for all unglazed tile and for all outdoor tile.

Grouting. Grout is available in a wide range of colors. It can be purchased already colored, or you can make up your own color. One caution with dark grout: if you are using unglazed tiles, seal them first. Test the grout on one of the tiles to make sure that it won't stain. Cement-base grouts. The basic cement grout comes in a bag containing portland cement, which may or may not have sand added to it. You simply add water. This type of grout is least expensive but it must be kept damp to cure, and it is hard to clean.The basic cement grouts are water-resistant, but not absolutely water -proof; you'll need to seal the grout after it has dried for a few days. As with adhesives, cement grout is available with either a latex or a polymer additive; both types cure by drying. These modified grouts are more water resistant than the basic cement grout; they also dry more slowly and are easier to clean up. Polymer and latex modified grouts are water-resistant and can be sealed to increase stain-resistance.

Adhesives. The traditional method for laying ceramic tile used to be to set the tile in a thick bed of mortar. Nowdays, you can get excellent results by using adhesives. There are many kinds available and they fall into three major categories: mastics, which are a type of glue; thin-sets, which are cement-base; and epoxy, which are chemically activated resins. Epoxy base adhesives are used primarily for commercial applications which have to withstand very heavy loads and chemical exposure; their use in residential applications has been replaced by the development of latex- and polymer - modified thin-sets. As well as ease of application, your choice of adhesive depends on the tile you are using, the backing you are applying it to, and the use you will make of the finished surface. Adhesives also have different open times ( the time you have to set the tiles after adhesive is applied) A longer open times allows you to set more tiles at once.

New tiled pathway

Edwardian geometric mosaic pathway

Period mosaic tile design

geometric mosaic path Edwardian

Concrete screed for mosaic tile pathway

Existing path was excavated. With every effort to avoid damage to garden grass and plants.

The waste was bagged and removed.

Flat concrete base was laid. Sharp sand and portland cement mix was used for the top layer of the base.

This formed concrete base on to which mosaic tiles are laid.

Rope top path edging was fitted on one side of the path.

Stone slab was cut and fitted at the end of the path.

Mosaic tiles were laid with water- proof adhesive, suitable for swimming pool tile installation.

Pathway was grouted with polymer modified water-resistant grout and cleaned to finish.

Time taken to complete depends on size and complexity of the path.

Typically this will range 5-6 days, for two tilers to complete. Weather permitted.


Original Victorian tiles. Original style tiles. Olde English tiles. Winckelmans tiles. Minton tiles. Encaustic tiles. Hand decorated tiles. Vintage tiles. Reclaimed mosaic tiles. Cement encaustic tiles. Old and modern ceramic, quarry tiles.

Restoration of Victorian floors. Interior tiling. Exterior tiling. Reproduction tessellated hallways, pathways. Front paths. Garden paths. York stone and Portland stone. Steps. Thresholds. Fireplaces. Marble, granite, limestone cleaning and sealing.

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