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London Victorian mosaic floor tile restoration
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Specializing in the restoration of Victorian and Edwardian geometric mosaic tiles, marble and stone mosaics from 2005 in London

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Victorian tiling and restoration

Victorian geometric mosaic tile pathway

Pathway - original design replica. Olde English tiles. New concrete tile base. Acton, London

We fix, refurbish, repair and restore simple tile and stone designs as well as an intricate Victorian and Edwardian marble mosaics, geometric mosaic floors, fireplace stone and tiles.

Our skills are at restoring damaged floors, steps, fireplaces and making them look fresh after years of wear and tear.

Different elements of building and restoration skills are needed in a small space and short time to fix and restore original features. Templating, cutting stone, concrete, marble and tiles. Tile and stone layout designs. Installing, re-grouting, reinforcing, stabilizing existing original floors or steps. Tile, marble and stone specialist restoration cleaning and sealing. Reclaiming original tiles.



Victorian pathway mosaic restoration

Victorian geometric mosaic tiled path restoration. Tile concreate base repairs

Victorian hall mosaic restoration

Victorian hallway mosaic tile restoration, SE London. Replaced mosaic sections

Geometric mosaic tile restoration


We have over 20 years of professional experience in work with marble, tile and stone - new installations and remodeling. That includes shopping centers, pubs, restaurants, churches, other public and commercial buildings as well as private properties. Since 2005 we specialize in restoring and replicating Victorian and Edwardian mosaics in London.

Marble and stone restoration


We have an extensive experience in Victorian mosaic tiled hall floor restoration, pathway refurbishment, stone and marble work.

We are covering SW London, but occasionally take work in SE, W and Central London. Commercial and public buildings, residential buildings, private and communal properties.

We can help


Mosaic floor needs tile repairs, cleaning and sealing

mosaic tile cleaning

Victorian mosaic tiled floor restored, cleaned and sealed

  • When you need the extra care and attention needed to refurbish original Victorian or Edwardian tiling.
  • When it is necessary to lift all existing tiles, retaining where possible, allowing you to perform any works required below and then re-instate to the original design.
  • When you decide mosaic tiles cleaned and restored.
  • When somebody unsuccessfully tried to clean or repair your mosaic floor.
  • When tiled floor repairs and restoration will be part of the property insurance claim.
  • When you are required exact re-instatement, that requires mosaic tile replication.


Original Victorian tiles. Original style tiles. Olde English tiles. Winckelmans tiles. Minton tiles. Encaustic tiles. Hand decorated tiles. Vintage tiles. Reclaimed mosaic tiles. Cement encaustic tiles. Old and modern ceramic, quarry tiles.
Restoration of Victorian floors. Interior tiling. Exterior tiling. Reproduction tessellated hallways, pathways. Front paths. Garden paths. York stone and Portland stone. Steps. Thresholds. Fireplaces. Marble, granite, limestone cleaning and sealing.

Email: mosaicrestoration@hotmail.co.uk

Please contact Aurelijus at : Tel: 07340314946


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