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Specializing in the restoration of Victorian and Edwardian geometric mosaic tiles, marble and stone mosaics from 2005 in London

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Reclaimed floor tiles, restored Victorian encaustic tiles, marble installation
Hall and porch floor tile restoration

Victorian porch mosaic repairs

Porch mosaic tile reclamation, re-installation. Marble step tread fitted. London

Mosaic floor restoration, tile reclamation, tiling - tiles re-laid. Hallway and porch tile restoration cleaning. Grout line cleaning, re-grouting. Tile and gout sealing - polishing.

Tiles were cleaned with cleaning detergents containing phosphoric acid and sulfamidic acid. Porch tiled floor was lifted and re-laid. It was necessary to lift all existing tiles, retaining where possible, allowing builders to perform building structural repairs, required below, and then re-instate to the original design.

Every effort was taken to avoid damage to woodwork by chemicals, to keep work area tidy.

Repairs on the original Victorian mosaic floor always are noticeable. Unless floor is stripped and re-sealed, re-polished.


mosaic floor repairs

Mosaic floor restoration and repairs. Geometric tessellated tiling

reclaimed Victorian floor

Reclaimed Victorian floor tiles. Concrete tile base repairs


tessellated Victorian floors repairs

Mosaic Victorian tile restoration, marble installation

Sealing Victorian tile floor

Unglazed tile (except for porcelain tile) should be sealed. Cement based grout should be sealed where it might be stained, such as on a hallway floor. You should also use a sealer to increase the water-resistance of cement-base grout where it will be exposed to water, such as on a porch floor. If you are sealing both the tile and the grout, select the sealer compatible for both. You can choose between topical or penetrating sealers. Topical sealers can be used with all unglazed tile to protect the tile and provide a surface finish. Topical sealers need to be stripped and reapplied periodically - they are good for sealing hall floors. Penetrating sealers soak into the tile and protect it permanently they can be used for all unglazed tile and for all outdoor tile.


Original Victorian tiles. Original style tiles. Olde English tiles. Winckelmans tiles. Minton tiles. Encaustic tiles. Hand decorated tiles. Vintage tiles. Reclaimed mosaic tiles. Cement encaustic tiles. Old and modern ceramic, quarry tiles.

Restoration of Victorian floors. Interior tiling. Exterior tiling. Reproduction tessellated hallways, pathways. Front paths. Garden paths. York stone and Portland stone. Steps. Thresholds. Fireplaces. Marble, granite, limestone cleaning and sealing.

Email: mosaicrestoration@hotmail.co.uk

Please contact Aurelijus at : Tel: 07340314946


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